Living together with a boyfriend is, of course, very good. But only when both of you are ready for that step. Check your relationship for readiness for everyday life: these are six reasons why you and him will not get along on the same territory.

moving to boyfriend


Moving is a great test drive before a more serious step in a relationship. But it’s worth it if…

1. One of you is not working

With a sweetheart, of course, paradise is in a hut, but it’s better when both of you work and earn money. Financial independence from a partner is the confidence that if the relationship ends, you will not be lost.

A steady income, a financial airbag and material things are very important, since your own money is a good support in case of a force majeure situation. If one of you does not work, there are already fewer opportunities to arrange a normal life. You should not move in with a partner if he is financially dependent on his parents or you. And vice versa – you should not try to move with a boyfriend yet if you do not have a stable income.

don't move in with a guy


2. Unforeseen difficulties are scary.

Watch your boyfriend and yourself for a short time or analyze your relationship. It is important to ask yourself a number of questions such as:

  • How do we behave in unexpected situations?
  • What would he do in case of force majeure?
  • How would I do?

It is important to understand that if a partner in the face of unforeseen difficulties gives in and throws you to figure it out on your own, nothing good will come of living together. Imagine that a pipe burst in the apartment. Do you need a guy who, with a shrug, leaves you to deal with everything yourself? Hardly.

3. Financial matters are taboo for you

Couples who intend to live together will have to face it sooner or later. With the great and terrible, complex and sometimes scandalous – money talk. If your boyfriend does not want to discuss the family budget, and conversations about money begin to translate into your commercialism or pettiness, we advise you not to move in with him yet.

Drawing up a common budget, discussing, investing in it and spending together is an important part of the life of any couple who come together. Relationships of this kind are not at all built on flower butterflies, because a surprise is a surprise: you have to live on something and eat something.

4. You don’t want to sacrifice your personal space.

Of course, respecting the personal boundaries of a partner is very important. However, if you or your boyfriend are afraid of the mere possibility that you will have to give up personal space or habits, the forecast is disappointing.

You don’t have to move in with a man if you don’t want to sacrifice your domestic habits or if he doesn’t want to sacrifice his. Psychologists advise that if you put your personal space higher than moving, you should wait a while with living together.

There is nothing wrong with that, everything comes gradually. Much worse – to move in together and then regret it, start to make a fuss over habits and leave. True, right?

cons of living with a boyfriend


5. You hate each other’s habits

If you literally hate it when a guy knocks a mug with a spoon while tea is stirring, you should once again think about not moving in together.

The habits of the person with whom you live make a strong imprint on relationships and especially on life together. If you don’t like the habits of the man you’re moving in with, and he’s in no hurry to change, you can easily assume that moving here won’t help, unfortunately.

It’s worth the delay.

6. You need social breaks.

Relationships change when you move in. If one of you is not ready to see your partner every day, life together can turn into a real Hell. Of course, this does not mean that you will be together 24/7, but there will still be less air in the relationship.

Life hack: before you move in, go on a joint vacation. It will be difficult – wait a while, and if everything works out – you can prepare suitcases for a joint move.