Scientists from NRU MIET and Sechenov University have developed the world’s first surgical method for healing incisions in both internal and external organs without scarring. According to them, the proposed laser technology is characterized by high efficiency, accuracy and low cost. The results of the work were published in the journal Bioegineering.

According to doctors, complex surgical operations lead to coarse tumor-like scars from the connective tissue. Usually, scars on the skin have only an aesthetic negative effect, and scars on internal organs can impair their functioning.

Experts said that the incision healing methods used today have various limitations. For example, the use of traditional sutures is limited in operations on mucous membranes, blood vessels, and other delicate tissues. In addition, cross-linking using electric and ultrasonic welding can lead to damage to healthy tissues, and the strength of adhesive joints is often insufficient.

Experts have created a method that restores incisions in body tissues without scarring. The new technology uses a special bio-organic composition as solder, which is applied to the wound area, after which its edges are soldered with a laser.

“We were able to prove the advantage of laser technology for the repair of soft tissue wounds over traditional surgical methods. The technology allows you to quickly get a sealed seam with a minimum size, which in the future will not leave behind a rough, noticeable scar,” – said the head of the study, associate professor of the Institute of Biomedical Systems NRU “MIET” Alexander Gerasimenko.

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