With the onset of autumn, the awakening process takes longer and there is a scientific explanation for this. He was voiced by somnologist Elena Tsareva.

The expert explained that it becomes difficult for a person to get out of bed due to late dawns. The point is melatonin – on a dark autumn morning, the body cannot quickly cope with it.

“In the summer, dawn comes earlier, so the suppression of melatonin in the human body also occurs faster. This affects the accelerated suppression of this hormone, as a result of which it becomes easier to wake up in the morning, ” she told Evening Moscow.

To make awakenings less painful, the expert recommends turning on the light in the morning – the body adapts faster.

Another reason why you want to sleep is vitamin D deficiency. Because of this, it is not only difficult to wake up, but generally enjoy life. And all because light is responsible for the production of this vitamin, but in autumn and winter it is catastrophically small. Hence depression, lack of sleep, poor quality sleep.

“We can note the deficiency of vitamins of groups B, C and other microelements. Their lack in the body affects the quality of sleep, which is directly related to morning awakening. Poor quality sleep prevents the body from recovering.” – added the interlocutor of the publication.