Addams Family black comedy star Christina Ricci has a fondness for more than just the offbeat characters she plays in movies. Her methods of raising her own children are bewildering to fans. Recently, in an interview with the American magazine People, the actress admitted that she sleeps in the same bed with her eight-year-old son Freddie. The 42-year-old mother explained this by saying that she could not form the boy’s habit of sleeping separately.

Actress Christina Ricci with her son Freddie.Actress Christina Ricci with her son Freddie. Photo: Instagram* / riccigrams

Psychologists see in this act not only maternal weakness, but also a direct threat to the mental health of the child. Psychoanalyst Irena Sirma, in an exclusive conversation with we, explained in detail what consequences this could lead to.

“When a mother sleeps with her son or a father sleeps with a girl, the so-called Oedipus complex is formed, which is well known in psychoanalysis. What is the meaning: this desire to take possession of the parent of the opposite sex is undivided. And the parent of the same sex, in this case with a boy, is being repressed, both physically and psychologically. There is, of course, competition. But the fact is that a boy really needs and important dad: with whom will he identify, how will he become a man?the expert explained.

The situation with the Hollywood actress caused serious concern in the psychologist. Irena Sirma pointed out possible problems in the relationship between Christina Ricci and her boyfriend, hairdresser Mark Hampton.

“Such a desire to sleep together raises doubts about whether everything is fine with mom. Often this happens because there is disappointment in the husband, and the mother, in turn, is trying to replace her husband in this way.says the psychoanalyst.

Sirma said.

The right decision in such a situation should be the decision of parents to separate their children from themselves in time.

“It is so important to say in time to mom or dad (in this case, mom): “Son, you won’t be able to marry me because I have a husband. Christina (Christina Ricci. – Approx. ed.) really has it. But you will always be my son.”the psychologist concluded.

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