Who among us has not tried to fight spring diseases (fatigue and irritability) and extra pounds gained over the winter with all kinds of medicinal means? And all in vain. “How is it so,” many supporters of this method of treatment are surprised, “after all, I have been taking expensive medicines all winter, and now already in the spring, and there is no result?!” The fact is that most of all, it is now necessary to use not medicinal preparations, but spring vegetables, which can boast of the presence of a large number of vitamins and microelements necessary for your health. You will feel the difference only after constant intake of vitamins in their natural form.

Now let’s get to know each representative of the first spring vitamin brothers in more detail.


Let’s start with green – namely from salad. Although it is not considered food, in fact, salad is irreplaceable, since it was in it that folic acid was first discovered, which participates in hematopoiesis, prevents the deposition of fat in the liver, and serves to prevent atherosclerosis. Therefore, the more of this unique green you use, the better. For example, on a large bunch of lettuce, cut 2-3 eggs, radishes, a bunch of parsley, squeeze lemon juice, add 2-3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt, pepper – to taste.


According to folk wisdom, a bunch of green parsley is worth a handful of gold. After all, its leaves contain up to 1-3% sugars and up to 4.5% crude protein. In addition, parsley is a vitamin carrier. A large amount of ascorbic acid and carotene is concentrated in it. It is useful for people who suffer from kidney stone disease, have inflammatory diseases of the gums and mucous membrane of the mouth.

Its neighbor dill is also not far behind parsley. In addition to ascorbic acid, carotene, dill also contains folic acid, vitamins of group B, P, salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Thanks to this, dill leaves are very useful for anemia, flatulence, gastritis with increased acidity, and are also excellent for eye treatment.

green onion

And yet she is rightfully considered the queen of spring vitamins green onion. Scientists have even calculated that the optimal dose of onion consumption for each person is 7-10 kilograms per year. Even ancient doctors believed that there is no disease in which onion, prepared in the appropriate way, would not bring relief to the patient. Due to its bitterness, it strengthens the stomach, stimulates the appetite, helps with jaundice, sore throat, bronchitis. However, with acute diseases of the kidneys, liver and heart, onions should be used with caution.

The lack of vitamins not only affects the general condition of the body, but also, importantly, negatively affects the appearance: red spots appear on the face that peel off, hair and nails become brittle. To get rid of these unpleasant consequences, you should include these amazing spring natural vitamins in your diet every day, and the result will not take long.