The heroine of the famous film “Office Romance” said: “It is the shoes that make a woman a woman.” Probably, you have repeatedly convinced yourself of the truth of these words. And it’s not just that when looking at a person – it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman – many people first of all pay attention to shoes. But good shoes are, first of all, internal sensations. Such as convenience, confidence, joy… Have your shoes been a source of joy for you for a long time?

The German developers behind the Walkmaxx range know how to achieve this effect. Their secret is a special rounded sole that helps its owner to find lightness and swiftness. Is it really that simple? Well, let’s take a closer look at how a Wokmax shoe sole can completely change your life.

Step 1. Straight spine – the basis of health

We hear so often about a flat back! It is she who determines the health of internal organs and the entire musculoskeletal system, affects the functioning of the lungs, blood supply to the brain, and much more. Not to mention such “banal” things as external attractiveness and the ability to please. But do you have the patience to constantly monitor your posture? It is unlikely that the answer will be in the affirmative.

Don’t worry, the Wokmax’s rounded outsole won’t let you slouch! Now, in order to maintain balance, you will have to constantly keep the muscle frame in good shape. Under such conditions, the back straightens itself, so that over time, “upright walking” becomes familiar and natural for you.

Step 2. Goodbye, kilograms!

The shift in the center of gravity forces the muscles to work more actively – because they have to constantly maintain balance. This causes your body to expend extra energy and burn extra calories while walking. The usual road to work or to the store turns into a good workout!

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that if you want to lose weight, you will have to train. However, usually people have a lot of excuses: there is no time, there is no mood, not those conditions … Put on Walkmaxx shoes and stop thinking about it! Your body will independently agree with the rounded sole. Well, or try to pay off – of course, with the help of fat reserves …

Step 3. Life without pain

A long walk can be pretty tiring for everyone. However, it is interesting that even when you just go to work by bus or subway, you manage to feel very tired: in transport you often have to stand still for a long time.

Looking for a remedy to combat fatigue? The curved sole comes to the rescue again! Pay attention to its elastic design. In Wokmax shoes, the heel is protected from the hard impact of contact with the ground, and the weight is transferred smoothly from heel to toe, as the foot works naturally. In addition, all the tension that the joints and lower back usually suffer from is redirected to the muscles – which is only useful for strengthening them. So, no more fatigue, swelling and pain, even after a whole day spent on your feet!

Step 4. Pleasant with useful

Just don’t be so scared when you hear about “orthopedic properties” and “constant training”! Walking in round-soled shoes is very fun and enjoyable. This is a great opportunity for the city dweller to remember the sensations of walking barefoot on soft wet sand or grass. The heel sinks into the ground, then smoothly rolls forward, you push off with your toes … Feel how the constant tension leaves the body? Forget about fatigue! Better imagine what a surge of fresh energy awaits you after a walk!

Step 5. What about fashion?

Good news for those who would never agree to appear in public in the wrong shoes: you no longer have to choose between comfort and beauty! Because Vokmax is really stylish. The curved sole and the original German design only add to your attractiveness. The quality of the materials is also on top – there will be no demolition of such a sole.

So it’s time to gradually get used to the admiring glances of others. And health, slender body, royal posture and good mood will never go out of fashion!

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