Modernity creates new formats of work, but from new activities, for example, from constantly sitting at a computer, residents of megacities have serious health problems. A sedentary lifestyle affects the work of all body systems, especially the gastrointestinal tract suffers from this. Gastroenterologist Maria Badalyan, exclusively for we, told what problems a lack of movement can cause.

What disorders of the gastrointestinal tract occur?

With a sedentary lifestyle, a huge blow falls on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

“When a person sits, he develops stagnation. And as a result, there are very big problems.”the expert said.

First of all, with a sedentary lifestyle, excess calories do not burn, which leads to weight gain and obesity. Also, many internal processes suffer from lack of movement.

“(Sedentary lifestyle. – Ed.) has a very bad effect on the overall intensity of metabolism, on nutrition, on oxygen supply, on the nutrition of all cells, everything slows down (processes. – Approx. ed.)”the doctor said.

The lack of movement affects intracellular processes. For example, the work of mitochondria, which provide cells with energy, deteriorates.

With a sedentary lifestyle, there is a slowdown in the activity of the gastrointestinal tract at all stages of the passage of food. So, the work of the stomach with a lack of physical activity becomes lethargic, enzymes are poorly secreted that help decompose food and process nutrients into energy. Suffering from a sedentary lifestyle and intestinal motility, that is, the contraction of the walls of the organ, which help to remove food debris. The lower intestines are especially susceptible to negative influence.

“There, a person (appears. – Approx. ed.) has very strong constipation, up to fecal stones”the expert noted.

Also, with a sedentary lifestyle, there may be problems with the liver, pancreas. A common disease with a sedentary lifestyle is hemorrhoids.

The most serious problems occur in older people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. <...> And accordingly, a person forms fecal masses, everything goes naturally, as expected, regularly”the expert noted.

Another problem that an active lifestyle helps to solve is obesity.

“Many problems are cured, in particular, the problems of excess weight, the epidemic of which is now in the world”said the doctor.

The specialist noted that activity is inherent in a person genetically, so the body needs constant movement.

“Our ancestors moved a lot. And so we have the opportunity to be here with you now. This is a natural way of life for an active, mobile person.said the doctor.

It is also worth making time for sports.

“It has already been proven that the gastric bladder secretes its bile more actively when a person moves, especially when he bends, raises his legs high”the specialist said.

According to the expert, work in the garden also has a beneficial effect on the body.

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