What is lagenlook

Lagenlook is a style of clothing that involves layering. For those who know German, this is already clear from the name, which directly indicates the presence of these same layers in the image. It all looks like this:

Image: Kit and Kaboodal

You must have seen similar images hundreds of times, but you may have called them differently. We will discuss this below. In the meantime, let’s find out what else makes lagenlook stand out as a separate style, in addition to its non-unique, in general, layering.


Things in the style of lagenlook, as a rule, are voluminous. Often, manufacturers do not even divide them by size and sew a model according to one pattern in the expectation that it will suit everyone.

At the same time, if oversize is advised to be combined with things according to the figure (for example, to complement a huge hoodie with tight-fitting bike shorts), then in a lagenlook, everything can be voluminous at once. It turns out such a cabbage, under which the silhouette is very approximately guessed.


The lagenlook is characterized by an uneven bottom line of the product. Most often this is a clear asymmetry. Part of the dress or top can be lengthened at the back or side.

Abundant decor

What lagenlook does not offer: ruffles, flounces, ribbons, lace, large patch pockets, deliberately raw edges, large stitches, patches, some aging. There is usually a lot of decor, although relatively concise models are also found. But even they, taking into account the layering, begin to look intricate.

Natural fabrics in natural colors

The range includes linen with a characteristic texture, wool, cotton. And all this is mostly painted in the colors found in nature: beige, brown, dark and light green, blue and so on. Some neon yellow or electric blue are rare guests of lagenlook.

Large jewelry

Metal, wood, polymer clay, plastic – this style uses accent decorations from different materials.

How does lagenlook differ from similar styles

It’s not uncommon for people to look at pictures from above and say, “Well, that’s boho.” However, this is not the only style with which lagenlook is confused. Let’s consider them both.


Image: Stars Cielo Clothing / AliExpress, Jocoo Jolee Official Store /

Boho is not very lucky, because this word refers to anything. But in the net balance, it is worth talking not just about the hippie style, but about hippies during music festivals. After all, ho in this word means homeless (from the English homeless), but bo means bohemian (bohemian). So boho is much more elegant.

Here are the distinctive features of boho.

  • Materials: denim, suede, leather, lace, cotton.
  • Clothing: flared trousers, vests, embroidered shirts, mini-skirts and mini-shorts, flying (but not baggy) dresses.
  • Shoes: moccasins, cowboy boots, sandals.
  • Finishing: embroidery, lacing, fringe.
  • Accessories: feathers, baubles, round glasses, hairpieces, lots of jewelry, hats, braided hair and so on.

According to the description and the photo, it is obvious that there is a difference and it is noticeable. If you have been confusing boho and lagenlook before, then you are unlikely to continue now. But there will be online stores, so it’s not always easy to find the right things.


Image: Alyaboomty Official Store / AliExpress, Alyaboomty Official Store / AliExpress

This Japanese forest girl style is actually much closer to lagenlook than boho. Here and baggy, and natural fabrics, and a variety of ruffles and frills, and layering.

And yet there is a difference. Mori is a deliberately feminine, even rather girlish style, and more whimsical. This is what Alice from Wonderland might look like if she was drawn not in the Disney aesthetic, but in the gloomy (but natural) Scandinavian traditions. And the heroine herself would not be bored under the tree, but would work in the garden in her homespun dress.

Mori is a cozy cutie. Lagenlook looks much more neutral compared to this style.

What to buy if you want a lagenlook wardrobe

We discussed the style features above. Time to apply them.

A-line shift dress

Image: AliExpress

Irreplaceable thing as a first layer.

What can be worn

Blouse without fasteners

Image: AliExpress

Suitable as a second layer with a dress or as a top.

What can be worn

Shirts, kaftans, cardigans

Image: AliExpress

They are good for the second or third layer.

What can be worn

Pants – full length and cropped

Image: AliExpress

If you look at the photos of fashionistas, you can see that they famously combine Lagenlook style items with classic trousers and jeans and skinny style. But if you stick to the canon, you should choose loose pants made from natural fabrics. And remember: wool is also a natural material. So there are options for winter. And the shortened length can be compensated for by golfs or leggings.

What can be worn

Asymmetric tunic

Image: AliExpress

Such tunics usually drape well, so they look spectacular.

What can be worn