We offer you some original ideas for do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day cards that will bring joy to your loved ones. They can be made at home with family and children to creatively and interestingly spend time together.

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Pencil hearts

Take your wax crayons and remove the paper wrapper from them. Break the pencils into small pieces. Put them in a silicone mold with hearts.

Bake the pencils in the oven at 110 degrees for 15 minutes. Then leave them to cool and remove the hearts from the mold. They can be glued to a festive cardboard postcard, as in the photo.

Interesting do-it-yourself valentines / Photo 5-Minute Crafts

Quilling postcards

Roll up a thin strip of colored paper. Glue the tip of the paper to the roll you just made. Press the roll with your fingers so that it looks like a petal.

Glue two petals together to form a heart and glue it to the cardstock. Make four more similar hearts in different shades of red and pink. Sign the postcard.

Quilling postcard / Photo by 5-Minute Crafts

Idea 7

Cut out hearts from black and red cardboard. The first one should be larger. Glue the red heart to the black one. Cut the heart you made in half.

Cut out a cross from white cardstock. Fold the top of it into the center. Then do the same with its bottom.

Create a Valentine with the inscription / Photo by 5-Minute Crafts

Unfold the top and bottom of the cardboard cross. Now bend its left and right parts. Then unfold the left and right parts and fold each of them in half.

Expand everything. On the vertical part of the cross, glue three small hearts made of red and black cardboard. To the left and right of the heart, glue the letters I and U, respectively. Thus, you will get the inscription “I love you”.

Glue the heart halves prepared at the beginning of your work to the side pieces. Make a postcard and give it to your loved one. When he or she opens your card, they will see a sweet declaration of love.

Confess your love in an original way / Photo by 5-Minute Crafts