Perhaps many will be disappointed, but the milkshake is quite unhealthy. This drink contains at least five tablespoons of sugar, so frequent consumption of it leads to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and heart attacks, says nutritionist Elena Solomatina.

“The average person eats far more sugar than they need to generate energy. In fact, he simply does not have time to spend it, ” – said the doctor in an interview with URA.RU.

According to Solomatina, milkshakes are poorly digested. It is better not to drink food with them, and if you really want to, then you should use it for dessert.

“Milk shakes are usually made cold, which is very bad for digestion, because enzymes are not produced in sufficient quantities. And undigested food moves further into the intestines. Pathogenic microflora multiplies there. She releases toxins the nutritionist said.

After that, the balance of microflora in the intestines is disturbed, which leads to many problems. Including a deterioration in mood, and a decrease in immunity, satiety hormones, and intoxication.

“In general, the state of the microflora is associated with the development of a huge number of diseases, up to oncology,” Elena Solomatina warned.

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