In the modern world, there is a huge number of toothpastes – for sensitive teeth, and for smokers, and for children. But is it possible to do without it at all when brushing your teeth? Yuliana Romanova, a dentist, answered this question.

“If you use only one brush, the effect will not be much. Mechanical cleaning will occur, but not enough. If the brush is good, the problem will not be so pronounced, if it is bad, then there will be practically no effect at all. After all, the composition of the paste includes a special abrasive, which provides additional processing plus a coating effect, if we are talking about the right paste, ” — said the expert in an interview with

The paste contains fluorides. which restore the minerals of dental tissue, as well as calcium. Thus, without paste there is no additional restoration of teeth. In addition, the composition of the product includes antiseptics that have a bacteriostatic effect. Without paste, it tends to zero. The dentist emphasizes that human saliva does not always have the right amount of substances to maintain the acid-base balance of the oral cavity, and it, in turn, affects the development of stones and caries. The doctor emphasizes that the paste is still worth using.

There are various options for not using pasta but still fighting for hygiene. Some tools can be used once, while others – regularly.


They try to replace the paste, for example, with tooth powder. However, Yuliana Romanova warns that this is undesirable. The powder is very hard, it erases the teeth very quickly. In addition, if a person has sensitive teeth, the discomfort from the powder will increase.