October 10, 2014, 04:28 PM

Maintaining order in the house without much fanaticism is a very valuable quality for a woman … Do you have it? Check it out!

1. Does it happen: there is still a week before the salary, but the money is over?
A ○ Yes, this often happens.
B ○ Rarely – I try to calculate everything.
C ○ Never happens.

2. How often do you clean the hob in the kitchen?
A ○ Every time you spill something on her.
B ○ Before the holidays, the arrival of guests.
C ○ During weekly cleaning.

3. Who most often irons men’s shirts in your home?
A ○ Nobody – they are ironed in the laundry.
B ○ Your husband.
C ○ Only you.

4. If guests suddenly come, you will put on the table …
A ○ a dish of semi-finished products;
B ○ something from homemade food – there is always something delicious in the refrigerator;
C ○ something that can be cooked in half an hour.

5. Do you use the services of cleaning companies?
A ○ No, you can’t trust cleaning
in your home to strangers.
B ○ That’s the only way you do it.
C ○ Occasionally, if there is no time or general cleaning is planned.

6. When do you usually wash or dry clean your winter clothes?
A ○ As soon as the winter season ends.
B ○ Most often at the beginning of winter, when you are going to put them on and remember –
they’re dirty.
C ○ In autumn, when you check the condition of your clothes.

7. Do you think your apartment is clean if…
A ○ no mountains of dirty dishes, rubbish and stains on the floor;
B ○ clean floor, no dust, washed windows and plumbing;
C ○ it shines everywhere – there is no dust under the sofa and on the top shelves of the cabinets.

8. Do you often throw away food because it has gone bad?
A ○ No, occasionally.
B ○ Never.
C ○ Always.

9. How do you store clean linen?
A ○ Perfect stacks: foot towels here, pillowcases here…
B ○ As a rule, dispersed throughout the apartment.
C ○ Lies in more or less neat piles in one place.

10. In order to feel good in your home, you need …
A ○ perfect cleanliness and order;
B ○ warm friendly atmosphere, good relationships;
C ○ creative mess and the possibility of not doing the cleaning.


Tanya Bobrikova’s comment:
“I used to be a terrible housewife. My apartment was a complete mess. But for me it was a normal phenomenon, and I absolutely harmoniously existed in my chaos. One day a friend came to me. Andrey Shabanov. So, he was simply shocked by what he saw in my apartment … Well, what kind of an ideal woman will I be if I can’t cope with everyday life? But I started to deal with it – and there is a way out, I tell you. Again, I tried many ways to become a good hostess, and chose one that worked for me. Perhaps it will help you 🙂 Read about it in my blog!