Radio and TV presenter Alla Dovlatova, in an exclusive interview with we, admitted that she made a big mistake during her first motherhood and is very sorry about it. If we could turn back the clock, the celebrity would be more scrupulous and responsible in approaching the issue of feeding her baby. The fact is that the grandparents of little Dasha treated her with delicacies out of love, and Alla did not help stop them in this.

“When weaning begins at six months, children should eat certain foods until they are three years old. And my parents treated their daughter like that, they just had some kind of culture shock, some kind of crazy joy, and they looked at the child like, well, I don’t know, well, at such a small living doll. And they gave her food that is delicious, delicious,” celebrity explained.

According to her, before the age of one, the girl tried red fish, lightly salted, and smoked meats, and olives. Dasha’s body could not stand it – an allergy began, which then had to be treated for years.

the interlocutor concluded.

Today, 48-year-old Alla Dovlatova is a mother of many children, she has three daughters and one son. The presenter successfully combines raising children and a career at one of the country’s main radio stations. Plus, she can be seen in various television projects.

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