Nikolai Shamalov, chief freelance neurologist at the Moscow City Health Department, explained that anxiety is part of our lives. According to him, everyone in life has moments and situations that cause anxiety. You need to learn how to deal with anxiety.


Also, the doctor, in an interview with KP.RU, called “triggers” for triggering anxiety:

  1. Physical. Even abdominal discomfort from malnutrition. Physical factors also include inadequate daily routine, lack of sleep, low mobility, an excess of strong tea, coffee, and alcohol.
  2. Genetic. There is also a hereditary predisposition. More features of upbringing, traumas suffered in childhood. Hence the psychological characteristics of the personality that fuel anxiety: a tendency to hypercontrol, perfectionism, low self-esteem.
  3. Social. News, social networks, when our brain has to process an excessive amount of information. The brain is overloaded and does not have time to rest. According to the expert, social networks make us doubt our abilities, compare our lives with the lives of others, and this leads to increased levels of anxiety.

How to overcome anxiety

  1. Correctly build a daily routine. sleep, move more. Even ordinary daily walks can reduce stress and unload the nervous system.
  2. Various breathing practices can be used to help manage anxiety.
  3. In the event that anxiety interferes with daily life, it is better to consult a specialist.

Now there are several different approaches in psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy is especially effective, but in each case the technique is chosen individually.