A carbonated drink made from kombucha or kombucha has a tonic effect and can replace synthetic energy drinks. This was announced by the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Synergy University, Candidate of Medical Sciences Olga Abanina. Tea kvass, known in different countries for centuries, among other things, perfectly quenches thirst. There is an opinion (although it is usually voiced by adherents of alternative medicine) that kombucha also has a wide range of healing properties.

“Kombucha is a unique product. It consists of a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast used for centuries to make tonic drinks that can be drunk either warm or chilled. Kombucha quenches thirst well, especially in the heat, and helps keep us in good shape,” Olga Abanina said.

The manufacturer of natural drinks Dmitry Peretyatko went even further and offered to replace alcohol with tea kvass, and drink it the next morning if he suffers from a hangover after real alcohol. According to the entrepreneur, kombucha is a fermented product containing probiotics that help fight depression. However, official medicine did not confirm this opinion.

did not reveal any magical or medicinal properties of the fungus attributed to it by traditional healers. Moreover, some should refrain from even minimal doses.

“Kombucha should be used with caution in acute conditions, inflammation and exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract”, the doctor warned in an interview with URA.RU.

Previously, we told what female ailments can cure beer. According to nutritionist Olga Perevalova, men besides pleasure while drinking, foam does not bring anything good, alone disease. But in some cases it is very useful for ladies to empty a glass.