Having abandoned meat in favor of your beliefs, it is worth remembering about the health of your body, which is used to receiving certain vitamins from meat products. A nutritionist and endocrinologist recommends replacing meat with chicken eggs and fermented milk products.

“Meat is a source of amino acids. Everything else is available elsewhere. The story about anemia, iron deficiency, it’s not about whether a person eats meat or not. It’s about how it’s digested.” Alexei Kalinchev said in an interview with URA.RU.

The doctor says that if a person has eaten large amounts of red meat, they can still have anemia. Sometimes it also happens that there is no meat in the diet at all, but the level of hemoglobin is quite high. Loss of iron can indicate heavy menstruation in women as well as gynecological diseases.

“Or it is not digested, that is, there is a pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. And here, too, it doesn’t matter whether a person eats iron or not, ”the endocrinologist explained.

Kalinchev pointed out that the complete rejection of meat leads to dangerous consequences. If a person decides not to eat it not because of his convictions, but because he simply does not like the taste, then it is worth trying, for example, fish.

“Vegetarianism is more dangerous, when the whole animal source of protein and fat is gone. And it is dangerous not because a person does not eat it, but to others. Vegetarianism is just a marker of psychological pathology.” the doctor concluded.

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