No wonder they say that hands give out age. No matter how a person takes care of his health, no matter how he takes care of the skin of his hands and fingers, not a single cream will stop time. Therefore, lotion and regular visits to the manicurist are often not enough, and doctors come to the rescue.

Recently, the singer Alla Pugacheva has repeatedly caused bewilderment of the public with a strange gesture. He was noticed during a farewell to the first and last president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, later in a photo in which the artist posed with friends – composers Igor Krutoy and Igor Nikolaev. In both cases, the strangely curved finger of the singer attracted attention.

Alla Pugacheva confused fans with strange gestures. Instagram* / igor_nikolaev_music

While physiognomists are wondering where the performer is pointing her finger, doctors remind her that at her age, such a movement may be associated with a banal illness. Doctor Maxim Sautin, orthopedist-traumatologist, candidate of medical sciences, head of the department of hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery, in an exclusive interview with we, spoke about the most common age-related problems and how to treat them.

According to the expert, patients in elegant years are increasingly turning to plastic surgeons with the hope of getting rid of deformities, restoring joint mobility and forgetting about pain. Changes are almost inevitable: gradually the tissues lose their elasticity, and this affects the general condition. The problems that arise can be divided into two groups. The first includes post-traumatic deformities.

In youth, they do not cause inconvenience, even with damage to biomechanics, the body manages to compensate for the damage. But over time, the unnatural position of the joint changes the structures surrounding it, affects the state of adjacent joints. Then there are difficulties in movement and pain syndrome. In each specific case of injury, the surgeon selects an individual therapy or intervention. The second group is chronic diseases, including hereditary ones. For example, rheumatoid arthritis – it affects the small joints of the hand.