For many decades, women around the world have been using hormonal contraceptives to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. These drugs inhibit the maturation of the egg. Also, for a long time there has been a conversation about male hormonal contraceptives, which are aimed at suppressing the production of testosterone. Obstetrician-gynecologist Irina Menshikova told why such drugs are not sold in pharmacies.

“Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for everything male in the body: for muscle strength, for muscularity, for aggression, for potency, for sexual desire, including testosterone is responsible for the production of spermatozoa. In each ejaculation, a man has millions of spermatozoa, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred million, which are completely renewed in a man every three months. the expert explained.

She added: in order to suppress the production of sperm, you need to take contraceptives for at least three months. For a man, this is not very convenient. In addition, testosterone is responsible for many other processes in the male body.

“There is a concern that a decrease in the level of testosterone in the male body can lead to a decrease in sexual desire, a decrease in potency. These factors are especially valuable for men, and drug developers fear that men will not buy such contraceptives because they are afraid of side effects. Although already this summer it was reported that the first clinical trials were conducted on volunteers, and the volunteers had a minimum of side effects from drugs that reduce testosterone levels in the body,” — said the doctor.