Prolonged sexual abstinence in men is fraught with impotence, as well as problems with the prostate and cardiovascular diseases. This was told by a certified transpersonal psychologist and sexologist Regina Spiridonova.

“For men, not having sex has serious consequences. In men who neglect a regular sex life, sperm quality changes dramatically – and not for the better. Seminal fluid accumulates in the body, and the secret of the prostate, instead of mixing with it, enters the bloodstream. As a result, the activity of the testicles decreases.the specialist explained.

Also, according to her, the accumulation of prostate secretion, which should be excreted with semen, can lead to problems associated with inflammation of the prostate gland. For men who practice sexual abstinence, the risk of the disease increases.

“The consequence of the refusal of sex in men can also be the development of hemorrhoids, prostatitis and disorders in the cardiovascular system. Due to the long absence of sexual life, the genital tissues lack oxygen, which leads to blockage of blood vessels. Hence the cardiovascular disorders.— summed up the doctor in an interview with

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