In hot weather, health may worsen. Sometimes this is facilitated not only by the weather, but also by the person himself. In an interview with Evening Moscow, the therapist Lyudmila Alexandrova told what habits and mistakes are harmful to health during solar activity.

According to the expert, the main mistake is the refusal of hats.

“Many Muscovites are sure that a panama and a cap should only be worn on the beach during the holidays. But it’s not. Headgear in any form and variation perfectly protects against aggressive sunlight and, importantly, protects our head from sunstroke. Most of the people who passed out or got sunstroke were just without hats, ” the doctor said.

Lyudmila Alexandrova added that it is better to choose a hat or bandana in light shades, as they better reflect ultraviolet.

Another common mistake is not wanting to wear sunscreen. The specialist clarified that this habit is harmful to health, since it is easy to get burned in the city even in cloudy weather. Therefore, before going out, be sure to apply sunscreen. Otherwise, there is a possibility of photodermatitis or erythema – redness of the skin.

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