If the orders and instructions of virologists were carried out instantly and with full responsibility, then the world would get rid of the coronavirus pandemic in two to three weeks. The corresponding opinion in an interview with Izvestia was voiced by Pavel Volchkov, head of the laboratory of genomic engineering at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

According to the expert, the main problem of the spread of covid is the lack of cooperation not only within a single state, but also between countries. Volchkov believes that if the administrations of all countries united and the whole world went into a total two-week quarantine, the movement of the virus would stop.

“If we lived in an ideal world of robots, where all orders would be carried out instantly and unquestioningly, then we would not have a pandemic. To stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the whole world needs to interrupt social contacts for two to three weeks. And that’s it, the pandemic is over. The problem is that it is impossible to agree on this between states and even within the same country, ” the expert explained.

In addition, Pavel Volchkov added that masks are an extremely effective measure in combating the spread of coronavirus infection. But, unfortunately, not all people observed or do not wish to conscientiously observe the mask regime in the future.

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