Diabetes can be insipidus. This is the name of another variation of the disease, which, as a rule, is quite rare. However, endocrinologist Zukhra Pavlova said that now the number of patients is increasing.

Diabetes insipidus, as a rule, manifests itself after a head injury, with a detected brain tumor or complications of tuberculosis. But the doctor says that it is possible to be born with pathology. The main symptom of the disease is very unobvious.

“A person wants to drink all the time, and simple cold or ice water. He drinks a lot of it, respectively, the urge to urinate and the amount of urine become more frequent. It stands out from six to 20 liters per day, ” — Pavlova wrote in her Telegram channel.

To make a diagnosis, the specialist prescribes blood and urine tests, ultrasound (ultrasound), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Sometimes doctors require additional special samples with water, food and medicines, the endocrinologist specified.

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