Older people can suffer from vascular dementia, a form of senile dementia that occurs due to malnutrition of the brain. The risk of disease increases with heart disease. Ksenia Shevtsova, a neurologist at the A. Ya. Kozhevnikov Clinic of Nervous Diseases, told about what diet and habits will help delay the onset of vascular dementia.

According to her, to improve the blood supply to the brain, you can get by with ordinary walks, regular physical activity and cognitive training.

“Proper nutrition plays an important role. One of the most effective is the Mediterranean diet. There is evidence that statins, cholesterol-lowering drugs, may slightly reduce the risk of dementia, but there is not enough research yet.”– the expert explained in a dialogue with Gazeta.ru.

As Shevtsova notes, preventing vascular dementia is easier than dealing with the consequences that have already occurred. Moreover, even if they have already begun, they should be tried to mitigate. To do this, you need to go for cardioscreening on a regular basis.

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