Often people cannot imagine their life without coffee. For some, this is a daily morning ritual: the day begins with a delicious and invigorating drink. However, all coffee lovers sooner or later think about its effect on the body. For example, on the teeth. Does coffee really stain and darken your teeth? Dentist Artem Gudkov answered this question.

According to the expert, it all depends on the quality of the drink. In an interview with Sibkray.ru, he explained that expensive ground or instant coffee has the same effect on tooth enamel. In turn, cheap instant brands have impurities, a large amount of sugar and cheap dry cream, and ground cream is made from rejected overcooked grains.

The specialist added that, regardless of the type of coffee, it is important to take care of your teeth after drinking it. The harm of the drink will be eliminated if the coffee film is washed off the teeth.

Daily dental care will help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. It is necessary to clean them every day, use dental floss and rinses. The expert also advised visiting the dentist every six months.

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