Many patients experience anxiety and fear before plastic surgery. Surgeon Amjad Al-Yousef, in an interview with, told how to reduce stress before an important day.

As the expert emphasized, excitement is a normal reaction. But the patient must be sure that this surgical intervention is really desirable or necessary. He should not have doubts about his decision, then there will be less unrest.

“The key point in this situation is your attitude, as well as confidence in the need and importance of the operation,” – said the specialist.

In addition, the main stage is precisely the procedure for preparing for the operation. The patient will worry less if he knows: the clinic meets all the requirements for the provision of medical services, the doctor has education, experience and skills, and the clinic has a hospital.

Also, to reduce anxiety, it is helpful to review your plastic surgeon’s previous work. This will help you see his professionalism with your own eyes and make sure that your idea matches the vision of the doctor.

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