According to statistics, only 12% of men are regularly examined by a urologist. Most often, many explain the refusal to visit a specialist by the absence of anxiety and problems with erection. However, most representatives of the stronger sex do not even suspect that against the background of high libido and the absence of pain in the body, severe pathologies often develop that make themselves felt suddenly and at any age. Urologist-andrologist Konstantin Antonov spoke about the typical stereotypes and ignorance of men who ignore visiting the “male doctor”.

He spoke about a man who could not specifically talk about his problem. But he turned to the doctor in a timely manner.

“It is important that he applied in a timely manner, and his wife played a significant role in this, because the unsatisfactory quality of his life affected her, too,” – said the specialist in an interview with

The doctor noted that it is very important to understand all the nuances of the disease that has arisen. A thorough questioning of complaints and taking an anamnesis can play a significant role in making even the most difficult diagnosis, while laboratory and additional instrumental studies will only confirm the alleged diagnosis.

According to the expert, the patient must understand that a number of diseases may not be accompanied by any complaints until a certain point. He explained that the scope of such diseases is wide, ranging from infections to oncological diseases of the urinary system.

Antonov pointed out that cancer is diagnosed at an early stage thanks to screening, when the patient does not notice any symptoms. This is especially true for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer screening is recommended annually for men over 45 years of age. Particular attention is paid to those males who have relatives with this disease.

summed up the urologist.

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