Dental treatment is quite an expensive pleasure and many people think how to save money on it. The founder and chief physician of the dental clinic, Natalia Kadkalova, in an interview with we, told what to do in order to spend less on treatment. And at the beginning of her speech, she voiced a shocking fact.

“In general, no treatment is effective. Prevention is effective.” said the doctor.

She emphasized that if you regularly and correctly deal with the prevention of dental health, then there will be no serious problems with them at all.

“If there are already some problems with the teeth that need to be addressed, then I do not advise saving on this. You need to go to a good clinic, a good thinking dentist, so that later you do not have to treat this tooth or system of teeth. From my point of view, this is a competent economy, ”- noted the expert.

According to her, proper and high-quality oral hygiene will help maintain dental health: if you regularly brush your teeth, use dental floss, an irrigator, then caries will not come from anywhere, since there will be no pathogenic organisms in your mouth.

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