Psychosomatic disorders have a huge impact on a person. They can turn into real and serious diseases. Vyacheslav Ryakhovsky, Deputy Chief Physician of the Center for Mental Health, shared his expertise with Evening Moscow.

The expert believes that there are people who are attentive to their health and turn to the appropriate doctors immediately, and there are those who react biased to the symptoms of trouble.

“Doctors are already doing tests and examinations. If they don’t find anything, and the symptoms continue to bother, then the person can be referred to a psychologist or psychotherapist.”Ryakhovsky explained.

The psychiatrist says that lately, clients very often come to a specialist on the advice of a doctor. The reason is that doctors trace the relationship of symptoms and anxiety with an unbalanced state of mind.

Ryakhovsky emphasized that different people react differently to external factors and also experience stress in their own way. Stress can affect both the mental state of a person and the somatic. Both the physical and mental reserves of the body can be depleted. Subsequently, chronic diseases can make themselves felt exacerbation.

– says the expert.

Very often, due to the “sick psyche”, diseases such as peptic ulcer, blood pressure, hypertension or VVD, endocrine diseases can become aggravated. Stress can disrupt the functioning of the whole organism, but only a specialist after an examination can establish a psychosomatic manifestation.

The psychiatrist also listed the accompanying symptoms of somatic disorders. Fluctuations in mood and anxiety levels, the appearance of obsessive thoughts, disturbed sleep and appetite may be a wake-up call for a visit to a specialist. Most importantly, don’t self-diagnose.

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