The habits that cause hair loss were listed by trichologist Yulia Galliamova in an interview with URA.RU. According to her, winding them on a finger, rubbing, plucking and pulling threatens with the appearance of bald patches.

“These habits appear in people from childhood. You simply do not notice how you damage the structure of the hair, which subsequently break off. For example, trichotillomania, when the hair is frayed out of habit at the roots. They break off, and we see external alopecia “the medic said.

She also mentioned habits such as chewing and sucking. The doctor referred to articles describing the removal of hair from the stomach through surgery. The doctor added that such habits can develop into obsessions, so they can not always be dealt with on their own. Such problems are dealt with by a neuropsychiatrist.

“But not everyone agrees that the problem comes from the head. Sometimes these are unconscious movements. This happens not only with hair, but also with nails and burrs.– summed up Galliamova.

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