How to wash delicate fabrics? Very delicate!

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So that after washing your favorite blouse does not change color, and the sweater does not change volume, optimize this process. Remember what is useful and what is not very good for your clothes and linen during washing.

Optimal wash
Each fabric requires a special approach: it is undesirable to wash wool together with cotton, and silk – with knitwear.
• Wool washing. It is better to wash it by hand, but you can also wash it in the machine using the appropriate mode (“Wool”). Avoid powders containing bleach. Even better – use liquid detergents: they are “healthier” for fluffy fabrics. To prevent the woolen item from shrinking, wash and rinse it in water of the same temperature (cool). And don’t pre-soak.

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• Cotton washing. This material is much more durable than wool. Wash clothes in the machine at 60°C, and for fine cotton choose 30-40°C. For colored items, use detergents that do not contain bleach.
• Washing silk. Expensive clothes made of natural silk are advised by experts to be dry-cleaned – this matter is very delicate. But you can wash silk skirts and trousers by hand in lukewarm water. During the last rinse, add a tablespoon of vinegar to cold water: this will fix the paints.
• Washing jersey. It is better to wash it by hand, without soaking it (otherwise the material may shrink), in lukewarm water. If in the car – select the “Delicate wash” mode.

Fabric softener
Use fabric softener for both machine and hand wash – it will be airy and fragrant. These products are constantly being improved, and on the shelves of stores you can find conditioners for every taste: from simple to concentrated (savings when buying), with and without smell, universal and for especially delicate fabrics. The main thing is to use them correctly (read the instructions for the washing machine).

How to wash toys

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Soft toys are excellent dust collectors: they require regular care. How to wash them?
• Conventional or washing vacuum cleaner. Place the bears and bunnies in a plastic bag and insert a tube without a nozzle into it, pinching the top of the bag. Turn on the vacuum cleaner: it will pump dusty air out of the toys.
• To prevent dust mites from appearing in plush toys, put them in the freezer from time to time for 3-4 hours.
• If the toy cannot be washed in a machine, dissolve the shampoo in a bowl of water, lather, apply it on the figure with a sponge, gently rub and wash off the foam in the shower.

Editor’s advice. How to determine the “stickiness” of a new thing? Moisten its tip – and wring it out, wrapping it in a piece of white cloth. If a colored trace appears on the fabric, it means that the little thing needs to be washed separately from others.

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