Until recently, moving seemed much less troublesome. If necessary, people easily returned to the country. And the number of flights made it possible to safely transfer some papers with an opportunity. Now the situation is different. So you need to have time to do as much as possible in the shortest possible time.

What to do if you have several days

You can often get many certificates, draw up documents at the consulate in the country of destination. Or a person in Russia will do it for you by proxy (more on that below). So do not panic if you failed to process non-urgent documents. Here’s the first thing to take care of.

Gather available documents

It is important to take everything you need, but not to take too much with you – the suitcase is not rubber. Definitely worth picking up:

  • Russian passport;
  • international passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • marriage/divorce certificate;
  • education documents;
  • medical documents if there are chronic diseases.

If there are children, the package of documents for them will be approximately the same – with the exception of those that are not due to their age.

Issue a power of attorney for all important actions

A trusted person will be able to legally do something on your behalf. What exactly depends on the content of the document. The right wording will help you choose a notary. But in essence, it is important to allow your confidant to:

  • Manage real estate. For example, to conclude an agreement on renting an apartment on your behalf, to interact with utilities if something goes wrong. Ideally, a trusted person should be given the right to sell the object at any time for any price. Suddenly you urgently need money or you just realize that you no longer need property in Russia. But here it is important to understand that you can trust this only to a person who will definitely act in your interests. Otherwise, there is a risk of being left without property and without money.
  • Interact on your behalf with government agencies. A trusted person will be able to request and receive the necessary certificates and send them to you.
  • Contact banks on your behalf if you need to reissue a card, transfer money from your accounts, and so on. Of course, here, too, you need someone you absolutely trust.
  • Apply on your behalf to healthcare institutions if your employer remains in Russia. If you become pregnant or get sick for a long time, you will be able to receive sick leave payments and the so-called maternity. But for this you need to get this very sick leave. Documents for this can be issued in the host country. But you will have to go to a Russian clinic with them, and the person who is ready to help you must have a reason.

In general, think about what needs you may have, and provide for them in the power of attorney. They will issue it to you on the day you apply. Together with the preparation of the document, all this will cost less than 2 thousand rubles.

Verify your account on “Gosuslugi”

It has a lot to do with documents. You need to expand the capabilities of your account to the maximum. This will simplify interaction with government agencies without a personal presence. Instructions are in a separate material.

Settle relationships with banks

Open bank accounts that have not been sanctioned and still allow SWIFT transfers. Get Mir or UnionPay plastic cards if you understand that they work in the country of destination. If you have them, check the expiration date and renew it if necessary. Get a certificate in English about the status of accounts – takes minutes, but can come in handy. Close accounts and cards in banks whose services you are no longer interested in. Basically, get your finances in order.

Make sure you receive SMS on your Russian SIM card abroad

Sometimes you need to contact the operator for this. This is an important point, because SMS is often required to enter accounts and confirm transactions.

What to do if you have a month or more

Apostille documents

Apostille is valid only in countries that have signed the Hague Convention, but their quite a few. When it is affixed, the departments put a stamp on the documents, in which they enter information about the legality of the paper.

Everything will have to be apostilled in different places, the timing for obtaining a stamp is also different:

  • Birth certificates – your own and children’s, marriage, divorce. Civil Registry Offices are ready to affix apostilles only on documents that they themselves have issued. Therefore, if you are currently in another region, it makes sense to first obtain a new certificate to replace the “lost” one, and then apostille it. Depending on the city, you can apply directly to the registry office, through the “Gosuslugi” or the MFC. The paper with a stamp must be issued within 5 working days.
  • Documents about education. It is the most troublesome to apostille them. The term for the provision of the service can be (and most likely will be) extended from 5 to 45 working days. And you will have to hand over and receive papers in the relevant department responsible for education. So, in Moscow it is the department of education and science, in St. Petersburg – the committee on science and higher education.
  • Certificate of no criminal record – you can get it and apostille directly at the Ministry of Internal Affairs or do everything through a multifunctional center. Keep in mind that the document has an expiration date. It may vary in different countries, check this question.

The state duty for each apostille will be 2,500 rubles.

Get a new passport

An exception can be made by those who issued it recently. The rest is better to have a fresh document in hand, which will be valid for another ten years. Instructions on how to make a passport are in a separate material.

Get an international driver’s license

They don’t work everywhere. But not everyone knows where they end up. There are also instructions for this.

Go to the doctors

If you have chronic diseases that need to be monitored, it’s time to check if everything is normal. And of course, you should also visit the dentist.

If you have something to add, write in the comments.