The processes that take place in our organs during sleep are primarily aimed at updating the body.

Sleep is the most important wellness procedure

The brain processes the information received during the day and puts it on the shelves. The pineal gland of the brain produces a hormone – melatonin, the main function of which is to regulate the frequency of sleep.

In addition, melatonin is an excellent antioxidant and aging process retarder. Vision in a dream continues to work, but the brain does not perceive what it sees.

Breathing slows down and becomes more shallow. The absorption of oxygen and the environment is reduced. Body muscles relax.

If you wake up from acute pain in cramped muscles, then the cause should be sought in neurology. In a healthy person, the work of nerve cells in a dream is inhibited.

Our organs don’t rest even at night

Only the muscles of the eyelids and the muscles around the eyes work fully in sleep: they support the eyelids in a closed position.

The heart rate decreases by about 5-10 beats per minute. But at the same time, more blood is pushed into the vessels than during wakefulness. Although the total blood pressure is reduced.

At the same time, body temperature drops by an average of one degree. That is why we start to freeze when we want to sleep, and in a dream we always cover ourselves with a blanket. blanket Dormeo.

The liver and kidneys also slow down their work. But the stomach continues to function normally. Metabolism is reduced by 8-10%.

That’s why doctors advise not to overeat at night, because the stomach will digest, and all other organs involved in digestion will not work fully. Yes, your stomach needs to rest.

Despite the fact that during sleep we seem to cool down, our sweating increases. Therefore, it is best to choose for sleep bed sheets with good hygroscopicity, and mattresses and pillows – from natural materials.

As you can see, despite the fact that almost all life processes are slowed down during sleep, nevertheless, during sleep, our body is quite active. There is even an opinion that sleep is a good training for our memory.