What temperature should be in the refrigerator

The higher the temperature in the refrigerator, the greater the risk breeding bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

To avoid food spoilage, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends make sure that the air in the refrigerator compartment is not warmer than 4 °C.

At the same time, values ​​below 2°C may increase the load on the compressor and waste electricity, but will not provide additional benefits for the shelf life of products.

Thus, the ideal temperature for the refrigerator chamber is from +2 to +4 °C.

How to measure the temperature in the refrigerator

To do this, you can buy an ordinary inexpensive thermometer and leave it on the middle shelf.

When you open the door, the temperature in the chamber changes, especially if the room is hot. Therefore, in order to obtain accurate data, it is better to leave the device inside all night and check the readings in the morning.

As for the thermometer itself, there are several suitable options for the refrigerator.

1. Mechanical

What temperature should be in the refrigerator: Kuchenprofi thermometer
Fridge thermometer Kuchenprofi

Such devices work due to metal plates, which react differently to temperature changes. Mechanical thermometers are durable, resistant to moisture and require no maintenance.

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2. Liquid

What temperature should be in the refrigerator: iceberg thermometer
Iceberg refrigerator thermometer

This is a glass tube with a tinted solution inside, most often alcohol. If the refrigerator has a shelf-lattice, you can hang it by a hook. If not, put in a glass of water and then put in the refrigerator.

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3. Electronic

What temperature should be in the refrigerator: Cuiisw thermometer
Cuiisw Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

Portable device with a flexible probe, powered by two batteries. It costs no more than liquid, gives an error within 1 ° C. Such a thermometer can simply be placed on the middle shelf.

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How to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator

All modern refrigerators allow temperature control, but how exactly it is arranged depends on the model.

1. Mechanical adjustment

It is a wheel or adjustment knob located near the light bulb – either on the top panel or on the wall on the right.

Adjustment knob inside the refrigerator compartment. Frame: Home Master / YouTube

The numbers on such regulators do not show the temperature, but the intensity of the cold. The most commonly used values ​​are from one to five or seven. The higher the number, the colder inside.

Adjustment wheel on the top panel. Frame: master / YouTube

If the thermometer reads more than 4 °C, move the dial one digit forward (for example, from two to three) and leave it overnight again.

2. Electronic adjustment

Such regulators allow you to set the desired temperature by switching buttons or setting degrees on the touch screen.

What temperature should be in the refrigerator: touch control panel
Touch control buttons. Frame: ARTJUNE REVIEW / YouTube

Depending on the model, the temperature setting method may differ. For example, some refrigerators require a long press on the touch panel to activate the switch, while others simply touch the desired button. Read the instructions for your model.