When hot water is turned off for prevention, someone calls friends, someone goes to the bathhouse or gym once again, and someone buys a water heater.

Water shutdown, Photo

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These two or three weeks (or even a month!), When public utilities “delight” us with turning off hot water, is one of the main sorrows of every summer. But you will have to experience it. How to ensure a comfortable existence in a difficult time?

Adapting to circumstances
• Old-fashioned method – you heat water in a large pot and wash yourself, pouring yourself from a ladle.
• Agree with friends whose water is turned off at other times that you will come “for washing” to them, and they – to you.
• Find out when the water in your house is turned off and time your vacation to this time.
• Go to the sauna or join the pool or fitness club: there are showers.

Water shutdown, Photo Photo: Burda-media

Do you want to solve the problem radically? Buy a water heater.

Gas water heater
He is a column, but modern. Safe: the gas supply will stop if the flame goes out. It is important to choose the right power of the device: at least 24 kW, if you plan to wash dishes and take a shower.
The option is quite economical, the service life is 7-12 years, if properly operated.

Electric storage water heater
This is a large tank in which the water gradually “reaches” to the desired temperature. For a family of three, a boiler with a volume of 50-80 liters is enough.
It consumes little energy, can be operated from an outlet with normal mains voltage, and the water retains heat for a long time. But it takes up quite a lot of space. And if the tap water contains salt, the heating element will often have to be cleaned of limescale.

Electric instantaneous water heater

Water shutdown, Photo

Photo: Burda-media

The water heats up as it passes through the appliance. It is affordable and compact. With it, the water heats up immediately, no need to wait long. However, its performance is low, and the water heats up weakly. So you can still take a cool, but not cold shower in hot weather, but soaking up in warm water is no longer possible. And its power consumption is low, so you may need to additionally lay electrical wiring.

Editor’s advice. More than a third of our compatriots, in order to wash themselves during a water cut, heat the water with kettles. And only less than 3% begin to “winter ice” and harden! Maybe for someone this can be a reason to start at least washing your face in the morning with cold water? It’s invigorating!

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