So instead of spending too much time reading the news, focus on your skills and enjoy some peace of mind. Here are 10 ideas for a productive day.

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Watch the documentary

Instead of watching your favorite TV show (though be sure to do that too), start with a documentary that can change your worldview.

We watch so many shows that take our minds off our daily routine or make us laugh. But there are few who encourage changes in their own lives. Documentaries have that power.

Create a goal board

Start planning and dreaming while you are at home and don’t rush anywhere. Think carefully about what you really want to do in the near future, and what you can leave a dream for a while.

Use Pinterest or do it the old fashioned way and cut out pieces from old magazines.

Board of dreams and wishes / Photo Unsplash

Register for a webinar or online training

There are many coaches and leaders who give free trainings that can help you learn new things. Whether it’s SEO, crocheting, or learning a new language, anything new is rewarding.

Work out

Sport is always relevant and very useful. Just because you can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you just have to stay at home.

Try a 10-minute workout first, and build up over time. This will positively affect your physical and emotional state.

Do a workout at home / Unsplash Photo

Cook complex recipes

We are always in a hurry, so we prepare the easiest recipes every day. But try to do something complex and unusual. You can make a casserole or even bake a cake.