It will soon be three years since the coronavirus appeared on Earth. Observations and experience that have been accumulated during this time show that the disease has many faces. For some, it affects the lungs, for some it looks like an intestinal flu, while others lose their sense of smell and taste. For all the time, doctors have discovered at least seven different forms of coronavirus.

Experts have found that the virus chooses the most vulnerable places in each person. However, for people with certain health disorders, special recommendations can be given, writes KP.RU.


Doctors say that many people have at least one of the triad of the most common mental disorders. It includes depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Therefore, the coronavirus hits the psyche of many patients. This was confirmed by psychiatrist Alexander Shmukler.

“It is clear that SARS-CoV-2 affects the nervous system. Among the possible complications of covid are encephalitis (inflammation of the substance of the brain) and meningitis (inflammation of the membranes of the brain). In the post-COVID period, one of the leading places is occupied by mental and behavioral disorders. Most often it is depressive and anxiety symptoms, he said.

The specialist explained what manifestations of mental disorders are most common with coronavirus disease. He said that 45% of patients during the illness are found to have some kind of mental disorder. In 13%, they have severe, pronounced disorders that required the active intervention of a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist said that most often, patients develop disorders of the neurotic spectrum. These are increased alertness to others, excessive anxiety and lack of plans for the future, difficulty falling asleep and frequent night awakenings, excessive need for the attention of medical staff and increased irritability.

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