Our body needs not only training, but also recovery. If you load large muscle groups every day without giving them rest, progress will slow down or stop altogether. What’s more, central nervous system (CNS) fatigue will prevent you from loading your muscles properly and can lead to overtraining.

However, some muscle groups can and even need to be trained every day. This will increase your performance, protect against injury, and help you make progress faster.


Well-developed forearms look cool and help to pump the biceps and back faster. After all, the stronger the grip, the more pull-ups and other pulling movements you can do. And at the same time, exercises on the forearms practically do not load the central nervous system and do not require a long recovery.

Do one exercise from the list a day. Alternate them every workout. Set a timer for 30-60 seconds and do it until the end of the time. Perform 3-4 sets, rest 60-90 seconds in between.

Wrist flexion

Take a dumbbell, put your forearm on a support – a bench or a knee – and bend your wrist.

Hammer of Thor

Exercise can be done with a long stick, holding one end of it. Do it slowly and under control in order to load the muscles well.

Holding the bar for one pancake

Remove the plate from one end of the bar and grasp the other so that four fingers are on one side and your thumb is on the other.

Grip extender hold

Grip extenders are special fingerboards that are found in almost any gym. Put them on and hold the bar.


Daily ab workouts are a great way to quickly see your cubes.

Choose one exercise and do 3-4 sets of 40 seconds of work. The next day, do the second, through the knocks – the third, and then all over again.


An effective and safe exercise for the back. Tear off only the shoulder blades from the floor, keep the lower back pressed.

Leg raise

Tear off the pelvis from the floor and return it back. You can put your hands under it to make it more convenient to perform the exercise.

Boat hold

Lift your shoulder blades and legs off the floor. If after a while you start to shake, this is normal. Hold on as long as you can.

You can also supplement your workouts with other ab exercises. Don’t be afraid to overload your muscles: any movement other than the CrossFit full extension on the GHD does not require a long recovery.


Here we will not talk about the deltas that cover the shoulder joint from above, but about the muscles of the rotator cuff of the shoulder. They stabilize the joint and often go unnoticed.

By training them every day, you will reduce the risk of injury and increase your performance in various upper body exercises.

Alternate execution every other day. On training days, do one set as part of the warm-up before the main movements, on rest days – 2-3 sets.

Raising arms to the sides

Take light pancakes of 1.25 kg, turn your hands with palms to your body. Bring your shoulder blades together and lower your shoulders – this is the starting position.

Raise your straight arms to eye level, turning your hands with your thumbs up. It is important that the arms do not rise clearly to the sides, but slightly forward (with an abduction of about 30 ° in the horizontal plane).

Hold in the last position for 1-2 seconds and lower your arms. Do 15-20 repetitions.

turn outward

For this exercise, you will need an expander. Hook it to the rack, turn sideways to it and bend the working arm at the elbow at a right angle. Overcoming the resistance of the expander, turn your forearm outward and return it back.

Don’t lift your shoulder, keep your elbow close to your body. Perform 15-20 reps with each hand.

Abduction on the block

For this exercise, you will need a rubber expander or a block simulator. Hook the band to the bar or grab the handle of the training machine and get down on one knee. Lower your shoulders and bring your shoulder blades together, grab the expander or the handle of the simulator so that the straight arm is extended forward at shoulder level.

At the same time, take your shoulder to the side and bend your arm to a right angle at the elbow. Now your shoulder and forearm are parallel to the floor. Then turn the forearm up without changing the position of the elbow.

Straighten your arm up, trying to keep your shoulder and shoulder blade in place, and then return it to its original position, passing through all points in reverse order.

Perform 10-15 times for each hand.


When it comes to back training, different pulls and pull-ups immediately come to mind, which involve the latissimus dorsi or trapezium. However, there is another, equally important muscle group that is often overlooked in the process of training – the extensors of the back, located along the spine.

Strong extensors will help you carry more weight in the squat and deadlift, and protect your spine from injury.


muscle building exercises
Hyperextension on the GHD machine

Put your hands behind your head, lower yourself and rise back. Move smoothly and under control, without using momentum. Do 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps.

Traction on the floor

If you don’t go to the gym every day, you can strengthen your back at home. Lie down on the mat, extend your arms in front of you and perform pulling movements, as if pulling a heavy object towards you.

Do not lower your chest to the floor during the entire exercise. Each time, try to raise your chest a little higher from the floor, but do it smoothly, without sharp jerks. Do 3 sets of 20-25 reps.


To make the legs look harmonious, it is worth paying attention not only to the hips, but also to the muscles of the legs. Since this muscle group is small, the exercises do not cause severe fatigue and do not require a long recovery. Do them every day, alternating with each other.

Rise on toes

muscle building exercises
Raise on toes on one leg

Stand on one foot, you can hold on to something with your hand so as not to fall. Get up on your toes and back down. Do 3 sets of 25 reps on each leg.

Sitting up on toes

muscle building exercises
This movement can be performed on a special simulator or with a barbell on your knees. At the bottom, drop your heel below your toe to stretch your calf muscles before the next rep.

If you are doing an exercise with a barbell on your knees, put your toes on the plate. Pick up a weight to complete 15-20 repetitions. Do three sets.