By the way, the exercise shown by trainer Kirill Toros will not take you any more time. Therefore, we recommend that you save the video and exercise regularly at home. This way you will always be in good shape.

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How to do the exercise

  1. Get on all fours, but it is important to keep your knees on weight all the time.
  2. Then turn the body to the right and straighten the left leg.
  3. Immediately switch sides: turn to the left and straighten your right leg.
  4. Try to do 12 reps.

What muscles are involved

Such an exercise is enough to cover the daily need for movement, load different muscle groups and keep the body in good shape. In particular, you will work on:

  • arms;
  • shoulders;
  • chest;
  • core muscles;
  • press;
  • buttocks;
  • legs.