On which moon to cut hair

Astrologers and even some hairdressers are sure that the day of the haircut directly affects the result. In their opinion, different phases of the lunar cycle can both improve the condition of the hair and ruin the hairstyle.

So that after cutting the hair grew faster, you need to sign up for the master only with the growing moon. If you want to keep your short hair and styling as long as possible, plan your visit for the waning phase.

But science disagrees.

How astrologers explain why you need to focus on the lunar calendar

Astrologers considerthat the growing moon stimulates everything to growth and development. Therefore, this is the perfect time for coloring and haircuts. But everything slows down on a decreasing one, so it’s better not to experiment.

It is also believed that on the days around the full moon, people are more impulsive, prone to rash decisions, but the new moon is ideal for a fresh start.

Can the moon affect hair growth

The lunar cycle is indeed affects per person. For example, on his dream. But there are no studies that would confirm that hair growth somehow depends on the Earth’s satellite. So the tradition of getting a haircut on the growing moon has no scientific justification.

And yes, if you are sure that something strange happens to you on a full moon, check if you are a victim of the Barnum effect.