In Moscow, a “yellow” level of weather danger has been declared due to fog. This weather phenomenon not only creates problems with visibility, but also affects human health. Nadezhda Logina, an immunologist, told about the impact fog can have. Her words are reported by Vechernyaya Moskva.

The expert noted that the fog negatively affects people who have breathing problems, as the air may contain hazardous elements. This weather phenomenon is formed when the warm layers of air cool down and moisture droplets form, which absorb microparticles of dust, emissions from industrial enterprises, and exhaust gases. Allergens, such as plant pollen and mold spores, can also be in the air. It is best for people with difficulty breathing to stay at home in such weather and go outside only as a last resort.

Drivers should also be careful in the fog, as this phenomenon affects the brain activity of a person and causes drowsiness. You need to be on the alert all the time so as not to harm yourself and others.

Fog is safe for other categories of citizens. There is a group of people who even benefit from taking walks on foggy days. These include asthmatics. Moist air favorably affects their condition and helps to breathe deeply.

The doctor also noted that, along with fog, a sharp fluctuation in atmospheric pressure is expected in the capital region in the near future. This is especially dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease. They should limit their walks in the fresh air and do not forget about taking prescribed medications.

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