According to statistics, most often people die at night or early in the morning – around four or five in the morning. This was told by a cardiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor Yuri Serebryansky. According to the doctor, the device of human biorhythms at this particular time leads to a slowdown in cardiac activity and interruptions in the work of this organ.

As Serebryansky noted, snoring can prevent heart problems. Some people fall asleep calmly, and begin to snore only in the morning. This is a sure signal that you need to contact a cardiologist and check your condition. However, most patients who are not yet aware of their illness do not attach importance to it. Moreover, night trills speak precisely of slowing down the work of the blood pump.

“There is a biorhythm that it is at this time that cardiac activity slows down. And in a person with arrhythmia, pain in the heart, hypertension, this is all aggravated in the early morning hours. When there is a change from a state of deep sleep to awakening, the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system is activated. During this period, there will be an interruption, Serebryansky told URA.RU.

The doctor also noted that the statistics on the morning deadly hours are typical not only for people with pathologies of the heart and other organs. According to him, cases of sudden death, which had no prerequisites, also occur before dawn. Therefore, the cardiologist added, night shift personnel in hospitals should make rounds of patients, if at this time they sleep, they risk missing the chance to save a person.

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