Procrastinating, procrastinating and worrying about important things can be more harmful than you think, since such behavior indicates a possible pathology. Such a habit can be called procrastination, says psychotherapist Artem Tolokonin.

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“The essence of procrastination lies precisely in the fact that a person is afraid of responsibility and decision-making, he is afraid of the prospect of starting to move towards the realization of a goal, since movement towards it in the subconscious mind is associated with unpleasant feelings of imperfection, self-depreciation and anxiety, often leading to a depressive state”, — said the doctor in an interview with KP.RU.

Don’t be so quick to call yourself just lazy. Laziness differs from procrastination in that the sloth gets pleasure from doing nothing, but the procrastinator is tormented by anxiety, which penetrates deeper and deeper into his life, making it many times harder.

“If a person has procrastination in many areas of life, he begins to suffer more. These people are often dominated by depression or anxiety, — said the specialist.

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