Why is it better to train on a schedule?

Here are two good reasons to secure a place in your schedule for training and never give that time to other tasks.

You will stop missing classes

If you’ve ever started to introduce new good habits, and then quit, know that many people do this. For change to take hold, it must become part of the regime.

When you give yourself the choice to train today, tomorrow, or Monday, the decision depends on energy levels, motivation, and other fickle things.

If the schedule will be a specific time for playing sports, you don’t have to decide. In the fitness schedule – you have to go.

Not having a choice will help form a habit. According to researchit takes an average of 66 days.

It may take 2-3 months before you first notice that you are going to training on the machine, without internal struggle. Until the habit is formed, find a place for exercise in your schedule and stick to it.

In the usual time, your performance will be higher

Scientists noticedthat the strength, power and strength endurance of athletes depend on the time of day. In the morning, the indicators decrease slightly, and in the evening they increase.

However, if you get used to training at a certain time, these differences are erased. Several experiments confirmed that after 8-10 weeks of morning training, the results in tests for strength, power and jump height cease to depend on the time of day.

By always training at the same hours, you accustom the body to give all the best at that particular time.

How to choose your workout time

If you are exercising for the sake of health and a good figure, allocate for sports at any convenient time and stick to your schedule. If you are interested in sports achievements, choose the hours for classes at which competitions will be held.

When this is unknown, exercise in the morning, especially if your sport is about strength and power. Early training will remove the difference in performance, so you can perform better at dawn and late in the evening.