In fact, these symbols are important, because they will help you choose the right care for your clothes. Ideas 24 tell you exactly what they mean and how they will help during washing and ironing.

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What do the symbols on the care label mean? for clothes

You have seen these symbols on labels more than once / Photo by Pinterest

Such clothing labeling became relevant in 1950, when the European Textile Care Labeling Association was created. These symbols are not only Ukrainian, but international, so in most countries they will be the same.

In general, all signs can be divided into 4 groups: washing, drying, ironing, bleach. Let’s talk about what they mean.


If there is this symbol, feel free to send clothes in the washing machine.

Wash clothes with this icon in the typewriter / Pinterest photo

Number means maximum temperature, at which you can wash the thing. If not stick to this recommendation, there is a risk that it may lose color or decrease.

Maximum water temperature during washing 40 degrees / Photo Pinterest

The line below the capacity means you should use slow spin cycle. The fabric may be delicate and the fast mode will damage it.

If there is a line, do not include hard push-up / Pinterest photo

If you see this hand on the label, be careful – clothes can only be washed by hand, or turn on the hand wash in the washing machine.

Hand wash / Photo Pinterest

A capacity crossed out means that the thing is not allowed to be washed. Cleaning can be entrusted to dry cleaning or steam it at home.

Send things with this icon to the dry cleaners / Photo Pinterest


This icon, resembling a pig’s nose, allows you to dry your clothes in the dryer as normal.

You can safely dry clothes in the dryer / Photo Pinterest

A circle with 1 dot means that the item can only be dried on a slow setting, so make sure to use the correct program.

Be careful if you see this icon / Pinterest photo

Such a strikeout prohibits drying clothes in a special technique. Let it air dry naturally.

Dry these clothes outdoors / Photo Pinterest


These icons allow or prohibit the use of bleach / Photo Pinterest

On the label there is a triangle with the letters CI or CL – you can safely add chlorinated bleach during washing. If instead of letters there are strikethroughs – keep the item away from chlorine.

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Before ironing clothes pay attention to these symbols / Pinterest photo

  • If pictured 1 point – this means that the maximum temperature of the iron can be 110 degrees.
  • 2 points allow temperatures up to 150 degrees.
  • And 3 points provide ironing up to 200 degrees.