Żubrówka Złota – a unique tincture from the legendary Polish brand Zubrowkamanufactured based on natural extracts and oak bark of Belovezhskaya Pushcha trees. A special combination of components gives the drink the perfect balance of taste and aroma, which fascinates with a multifaceted palette of shades.

To the topic Discovering the legend of Żubrówka: the history of the creation of an authentic brand

Each sip of Żubrówka Złota beckons with the aroma of spicy cinnamon with hints of oak and vanilla and a playful undertone of prunes. Its warming taste and noble golden hue are reminiscent of cognac and brandy, but with a richer aftertaste with a delicate natural sweetness. Zubrowka Złota – a refined drink that takes you to the shade of spreading trees, where the spirit of pristine nature lives among fragrant herbs on a sunny meadow.

What are the features of the creation of Żubrówka Złota?

How Żubrowka Złota is created

Żubrowka Złota are made exclusively from selected natural ingredients.

To create Żubrówka Złota from the bowels of the earth in Belovezhskaya Pushcha produce crystal clear spring water. This reserve, where not a single tree has been planted by man, is protected UNESCO.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Photo by Żubrowka

Water treatment

Spring water for Żubrówka Złota undergoes mandatory purification by sedimentation, aeration and filtration through carbon filters. This gives the drink a unique mild taste.

Production and purification of alcohol

At the factory CEDC use golden wheat grains of selected varieties to make alcohol for Żubrówka Złota. They are ground and brewed under pressure in special columns, after which they are poured into barrels for fermentation. The resulting alcohol goes through six stages of purification using platinum filters.

Distillation columns / Photo by Żubrówka


The water-alcohol mixture is poured into closed sorting barrels. This process gives the drink a special softness and delicate flavor.


A mixture of water and alcohol from barrels is fed into a special filter, where it is cleaned of any sediment. Next comes the final filtration to purify the drink from excess impurities.

Infusion and bottling

After filtering the drink for 5 days infused on oak bark in oak barrels, where it is saturated with pleasant woody notes with a hint of vanilla and receives a sweetish aftertaste of cinnamon and prunes.

Żubrówka Złota insists on oak bark for 5 days / Photo by Żubrówka

The rich taste and pleasant aroma of Żubrówka Złota is achieved thanks to:

  • A unique traditional recipe that has remained unchanged for over half a millennium
  • High quality wheat spirits and crystal clear spring water
  • Selected environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Special aging in oak tubs, which gives the drink a characteristic richness with bright notes of vanilla, prunes, cinnamon and oak.
  • European production technologies in compliance with the highest international standards.

Żubrowka Złota / Photo by Żubrowka

To taste the perfect taste of Żubrówka Złota, we offer you to prepare an exquisite cocktail based on it.

Cocktail “Złota Orange”

Cocktail “Złota Orange” / Photo by Shutterstock


  • Zubrowka Złota – 50 ml;
  • orange juice – 120 ml;
  • a slice of orange;
  • ice.


  1. We fill the old fashion with ice.
  2. Add Żubrówka Złota and orange juice.
  3. Mix the ingredients and decorate the cocktail with an orange slice.
  4. We serve.

Who appreciates the present – chooses Żubrówka

Żubrówka is a legendary Polish spirits brand with a rich history spanning over half a millennium.

Manufacturer Żubrówka produces natural tinctures from selected herbs, spices, flowers and berries. Each ingredient of future tinctures collected exclusively by hand in ecologically clean forests of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This is a unique forest area on the territory of Poland and Belarus, completely created by nature. Human foot rarely sets foot here.

Line of flavors Żubrówka / Photo Żubrówka

To create tinctures, only the best wheat spirits from selected grains are used, which are sixfold cleaning. They are purified in distillation columns. Also, alcohols marked with European quality certificates.

During the creation of Żubrówka, special attention is paid to the taste and aroma of drinks. They all pass obligatory tasting stageafter which the drinks are poured into pre-cleaned bottles.

Zubrowka Złota has a golden hue and exceptional aroma / photo Zubrowka

The unique recipe and professional approach to production have made Żubrówka the most titled brand in its category. It is exported in over 80 countries peace.

Żubrówka is the most recognizable lovemark and successful brand, committed to its own ideals that are passed on from generation to generation. The unique combination of natural fruits and spices, the cherishing of longstanding traditions, the use of environmentally friendly ingredients and compliance with the highest production standards give Żubrówka drinks a unique taste and aroma that have no analogues in the whole world.

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Discover the perfect combination of flavors and mix another cocktail based on it.

Cocktail “Lady Zubr”

Cocktail “Lady Zubr” / Photo by Żubrówka


  • Zubrowka Zlota – 50 ml;
  • cranberry juice – 100 ml;
  • lime juice – 10 ml;
  • lime – 20 g;
  • cranberries;
  • ice.


  1. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in Żubrówka Zlota and lime juice.
  3. Add cranberry juice and gently stir with a cocktail spoon.
  4. Garnish with lime wedges and cranberries.
  5. We serve.