We offer you some ideas on how to restore accidentally damaged favorite things. Watch, get inspired, experiment!

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1. It is not necessary to immediately change the broken phone cover, you can give it a little brightness

photo lematin

2. An easy and quick way to save a damaged shoe situation

zinoti photo

3. Even a battered bumper can look beautiful.

motocaina photo

4. Creatively camouflaged fruit plate cracks

photo figyelj

5. Torn sofa decorated with lace fabric

taringa photos

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6. An easy way to restore a broken mirror

Photo ra2ej

7. Colored tape works wonders

toka photo

8. Not enough funds for repairs – improvise

photo lematin

9. Original repair of old furniture using plastic parts

photo trinixy

10. Children’s “doodles” can be turned into a real pictorial masterpiece.

metro photo