Ideas 24 has put together a selection of simple things for you, the hidden features of which will surprise you.

1. Rhombus on a backpack

It is mistakenly believed that the diamond on many sports backpacks is a common sticker. However, thanks to these stickers, sports shoes can be carried.

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2. Aspirin

Popular antipyretic tablets can be used as a cosmetic product to lighten age spots.

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3. Dot on iPhone

You may have noticed a small dot near the camera sometime. This is the second built-in microphone.

iphone photos

4. Loops on sneakers

Some athletic shoes have loops in the back. Thanks to these loops, you won’t need a shoe shovel.

Photo samoe.su

5. Stripes on the keyboard

On a laptop or computer keyboard, the letters F and J have raised stripes. These strips speed up the so-called “blind typing” process.

photo figyelj

6. Side holes in sneakers

For the first time, such shoes were created for basketball players. Therefore, such holes were designed to allow athletes to tighten their shoes more tightly. Now these round holes serve only as additional “ventilation”.

Photo usmagazine

7. Segment knife

Almost every segment knife has a removable rounded end, thanks to which you can easily shorten the blade.

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8. Eraser

It is erroneously considered that the pink part of the eraser is intended for erasing inscriptions from a pencil, and the blue part from a pen. But that’s not the case at all. At first, the pink eraser was supposed to erase all the inscriptions on ordinary sheets, and the blue eraser on thick and hard paper or cardboard. The buyers themselves provoked the fact that the manufacturer made a marketing hit out of this.

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9. Pockets in jeans

Almost every jeans has a small pocket. There are many options for what it is intended for. However, it was previously used for pocket watches.

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10. Small piece of cloth

When buying any clothing, as a rule, the manufacturer adds a small piece of fabric. But it’s not for patches. The fabric is designed so that you do not risk with clothes during washing and experiment in advance with a cut piece.

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