Ideas 24 has compiled a list of original gifts for eco-friends and those who fight for the ecology of the environment.

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1. Eco bags and eco bags

Eco bags and eco bags are an indispensable thing when shopping for groceries. They are durable, reliable and reusable. Optionally, you can choose eco-bags with an original print or pattern, and you can buy bright and multi-colored bags.

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2. Bamboo toothbrushes

These brushes are made from a type of bamboo that pandas don’t eat. It grows rapidly on lands that are not suitable for farming. These brushes are comfortable, have a truly stylish design and, most importantly, decompose in the ground 20 times faster than plastic ones.

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3. Tea set

Have you thought about the fact that disposable tea bags contain plastic? – And your eco-friend knows about it for sure. That is why you can purchase universal teapots for it. They may have a classic look or differ in the original shape or color.

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4. Food boxes

Your eco-friend is unlikely to use cling film for vegetables and fruits. After all, it is made of plastic. Therefore, give him universal reusable molds for storing incised bananas, lemons, other fruits and vegetables.

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5. Thermal mugs or thermoses

A universal thing that almost everyone cannot do without. Comfortable, practical, rational. It is perhaps easier to choose such a gift, because there are a lot of options. You can choose a classic thermo mug or a thermos with certain images, heated and the like.

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6. Means for “soda” water

If your friend loves water with bubbles, then he will definitely appreciate such a gift.

This is a convenient and practical thing:

7. Wash roller for fluff

Such a gift will help get rid of lint or animal hair from clothes, carpet or even furniture. It is reusable because it can be washed.

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8. Food waste compost bin

Even if your friend has a food waste bin, he will definitely appreciate this option. The compost bin “kills” unpleasant odors and has a beautiful design. Thanks to the activated charcoal contained in the filter, your kitchen will be filled with a pleasant aroma.

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9. Balls for quick drying of things

Made from cotton, therefore anti-allergic and free of chemicals and fragrances. Help things to be less “tough”.

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10. Multiple glasses or bottles

A cool gift for those who drink a lot of liquid. Thanks to such a gift, your friend will be able to buy his favorite drinks in his reusable dishes. It is convenient, economical and fashionable.

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