Ideas 24 made for you a selection of funny photos with unpredictable, and sometimes even absurd mistakes of employees.

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1. It seems that when the workers “put up” a pole here, the road was clearly narrow

Photo reddit

2. The owner of this house apparently decided to take care of the conveniences of the robbers

Photo top30news

3. Don’t walk so long. Just sit back and relax

photo figyelj

4. Very “practical” mirror in the powder room

Photo top30news

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5. Waste pipe on a “pedestal”

photo figyelj

6. How do you like this arrangement of the air conditioner?

Photo reddit

7. Room for very slim men

photo figyelj

8. Just imagine that you had to wash dishes in this sink

facebook photo

9. This staircase provokes a number of questions.

lelombrik’s photo

10. Natural work of art

Photos of kalaputski