Autumn is not as dynamic as summer. Therefore, the photo session should also take place slowly, without haste and panic, Idea 24 advises. Think it over clearly, discuss all the details, and immediately start preparing!

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Autumn photo session

Autumn is not only sadness and longing. Some autumn days are often warm, bright and really sunny. And you must certainly have time to “catch” this moment – when the summer has already passed, but nature has not yet had time to plunge into a long winter hibernation.

The main point in any photo shoot, including the autumn one, is lighting. In autumn, you can choose any time for shooting – from early morning to late evening – at different times the same landscape will look completely different. A sunny morning, a rainy day, a gloomy evening will add some mystery to the pictures, and at sunset, soft sunlight will allow you to take some romantic and tender shots.

How to prepare for a photo session

Have you already chosen the day and time for the photo session? Excellent! Then let’s start preparing!

How to behave

It’s no secret that in front of a photographic lens, people begin to be embarrassed, shy, completely lost, so the result is not at all what we would like to see in the pictures. First of all, remember – you should not pose (however, you are not photographed for the cover of a glossy magazine)! Family autumn photo session is a separate page in your life. Therefore, live! Be natural, run, jump, play with children, hold hands, kiss, throw fallen leaves at each other. Don’t try to be someone else.

What to take

Autumn is an unpredictable time. Sunny in the morning, but it may rain in the afternoon. Therefore, take with you everything you need for a comfortable pastime:

  • Umbrellas (or raincoats) for all family members. You can also take rubber boots.
  • A change of clothes for everyone. Because while playing outdoors, you can easily get dirty.
  • Plaid, cover. Autumn picnics are a very popular form of recreation.
  • Thermos with hot tea or coffee. A few hours in the fresh autumn air can slightly “cool” even the hottest ones. In addition, tea drinking in the autumn park looks very romantic!
  • If you are going to a photo session with children, take care of a snack – cookies, fruits, homemade sandwiches.

In fact, an autumn photo shoot requires a minimum amount of props – a special atmosphere in the photo is created through the surrounding landscape and the mood of the participants, and accessories play a secondary role here, so they should not be very noticeable.

What to wear

To get cool photos, it is important to properly organize your wardrobe for shooting:

  • Dress for the weather.
  • Choose comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.
  • Knitted items look very stylish on autumn photos – cozy pullovers, cardigans or light coats.
  • Try to make sure that all family members are dressed in approximately the same style. Agree, photos will look pretty stupid, in which mom in a strict coat and hat, dad in a T-shirt and shorts, son in a tracksuit, and daughter in a fluffy dress. Choose one direction and stick to it – for example, urban style (jacket, jeans, boots) or classic (coat, trousers / skirt, shoes).
  • As for the colors, try to use “autumn” colors (red, orange, brown) in your clothes. Shades of blue or green look beautiful against the background of autumn leaves. And, of course, white – it is appropriate always and everywhere.
  • Do not forget about hats – knitted hats, berets, scarves. They will not only protect you from the cold, but also create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

When preparing for an autumn family photo session, you do not need to urgently run to the store and completely update your wardrobe – choose things that are dear to you and that you feel confident in.

Location selection

When deciding where you will go for a photo shoot, start off, first of all, from your own wishes. Perhaps you would like to visit the place where you met your soulmate or where your wedding photo session took place. Or maybe you like to walk with the whole family in a park or square not far from home. Any place that evokes positive emotions in you will certainly do!

When choosing a place for a photo shoot, study the weather forecast – if it is cold and damp on the planned day, then the forest or park will not be the best place for a photo shoot.

It is not at all necessary to go out of town – an autumn family photo session in an urban setting will also turn out to be very bright and colorful!

What is the best time to choose

A photo of an autumn morning is freshness, light frost on the grass and leaves, bright rays of the sun. During the day it is usually warmer than in the morning, not so damp, bright sunlight breaks through the clouds. In the evening, especially just before sunset, everything around is transformed, filling the atmosphere with a delicate aroma of romance and dreaminess. Choose the time of the photo shoot, based on the desired result!

If you are planning a photo session with a child, try to adapt to his regimen – hours of morning or evening walk will be an excellent option.

Ideas for an autumn family photo shoot

bright leaves

Autumn photo shoot is a good idea for a fun weekend / Photo unplash

The use of golden and red leaves in the frame can hardly be called original. But that’s why it attracts attention again and again, because the frame with them always looks great. You can make a bouquet or a wreath from leaves, attach it to clothes, lay out drawings, letters and numbers from it.

If you’re hosting a family photo shoot in the fall, it’s a great idea to let the kids take a dip in the pile of leaves and leave only smiling faces. Dynamic and atmospheric photos are obtained, the heroes of which throw leaves into the air. And you can also wait for windy weather and shoot the natural swirling of variegated leaves.


Good shots will come out among the harvest / Photo by unplash

If you have a dacha or relatives in the village, then the idea for a family photo shoot in the fall will not have to be thought out for a long time. Ripe apples, pears, viburnum and rose hips look very picturesque. Engage in their collection and fix the process in the photo. The footage will come out natural and alive.

No less attractive vegetables are onion ties, purple eggplants, colorful peppers and orange pumpkins. Put them in baskets or in picturesque mountains and take a picture of the fruits of your labor! If you have a small child, you can make a house out of a large pumpkin for him – you get an original and cheerful photo.

Rainy day

Bright umbrella – decoration for the picture / Photo unplash

Photo in the rain is another good idea for a photo shoot outside in the fall. A picture of two lovers walking on a gray rainy day will be tender and romantic. Single frames will be filled with an atmosphere of quiet sadness. Magical sadness and melancholy will be a contrast to all those joyful smiles that usually fill our albums.

Don’t want to be bored? This is not necessary – take bright umbrellas, put on rubber boots and go for a walk in the puddles! Children will especially like this idea. You will have to shoot their sincere emotions among the raised splashes.

Sunset or mist

The sunset looks good in the photo / Photo by unplash

The already spectacular colors will become simply fantastic during sunset. Warm golden red light will make such photos the pearls of your album! You also don’t have to go to a special effects studio or wait for the right weather. Go to the shore of the reservoir early in the morning, and mysterious images are provided for you.

Picnic and warm blanket

A light snack in nature will make the photo session more enjoyable / Photo by unplash

A light snack in nature is a great way to replenish your energy after active outdoor games! Sit comfortably on a warm blanket. It will be comfortable with him, and the pictures will be filled with homeliness. Don’t forget to bring a thermos of your favorite hot drink!

Active recreation bike, roller skates

Active rest for a photo shoot / Photo by pexels

What will help keep warm during a walk in the fall? Of course, running, jumping, playing hide and seek. Please your children – play football, volleyball or tennis with them. You will certainly feel warmer, and the children will be delighted with the resulting photos. We also take bicycles, roller skates, scooters for all family members, and run to the park! You can arrange a family relay race – so everyone will have an incentive to give everything 100%.

family pets

A family photo shoot with a pet will make the frame come alive / Photo by pexels

If you have a pet, be sure to include it in your family photo session! Dog, cat, rabbit – any four-legged friend will look good in the frame!

Photo jump and hugs

Photo in the air for a dynamic frame / Photo pehels

For several years now, the photo in a jump has not lost its position in the ranking of the most popular ideas for a photo shoot. In autumn, to the usual jump, you can add another throwing leaves up. Such photos always turn out very lively and emotional!

They say that to achieve moral peace, a person simply needs at least 40 seconds of hugs daily. During the autumn family photo shoot, you can easily fulfill and even exceed this plan!

Photo on a bench or swing

The photo on the bench looks natural / Photo by pehels

Finding a free bench in the park is not difficult. Casually throw a blanket on her and make yourself comfortable, not forgetting to take your favorite book or a cup of aromatic coffee with you. Or just sit, talk about your plans, remember the happy moments of your life together.

Both adults and children like to ride on a swing. Who will ride and who will ride – decide for yourself. It is important that the photo shows sincere joy, love and care!

Near the campfire

Rest near the fire – a great location for a photo shoot / Photo by pehels

Fire is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness. It represents home comfort and well-being. Family photos near the fire are very symbolic. And it’s just beautiful. You can just look at the flame and dream.

An autumn family photo shoot will help you get a lot of positive emotions, relax your body and soul, and just spend precious time with the most important people in your life.